Unanswered Questions

If you hadn’t just recently taken the stairway to heaven I would ask you (over tea at your house) how you became such an interesting conversationalist. You were never at a loss for topics and when you discussed people, nothing was ever gossip, just good informational facts.

I would ask you how you developed your knack for making people feel so comfortable upon first meeting them.

I would ask where you found the patience to knit and crochet all the thousands of things you created over the years; and how fundraising became such an integral part of your talents.

I would ask what was your secret for growing such beautiful orchids and roses, to the delight of neighbors and friends..

There are so many questions left unanswered now that you are no longer here; questions that only you know the answers to.

But since you did recently take the stairway to heaven, Norean, I really have to ask, “What is it like there?” That is really the most unanswered question.


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