God’s Prayer to Us

Have you ever thought of a prayer roll reversal? What if God sent a prayer to us? Yesterday, I wondered what God would say to us in a prayer. Here’s what I came up with:

My Earthly People

I have been watching your troubled world for quite some time now and pray that you would take these few suggestions as to how you might turn things around.

Your environment is in big trouble. It is going to take more than demonstrations to set it right. It is going to take all world leaders, not just a few, to acknowledge the problem and make intelligent decisions. It is also going to take the world population as a whole to do their part. I pray that all of you will take the necessary steps to save your planet.

Your love for one another is sadly lacking. This is obvious from the wars, terrorism, senseless killings, starvation and disease that plague your world. People who love each other do not tolerate this behavior, and, once again, would make intelligent decisions to rectify these situations. I pray that you would do all in your power (and mine) to recognize and eradicate such behavior.

Your daily lives are sadly lacking in love and respect, not only for each other, but for yourselves. You have been taught love from the moment of birth and somewhere along life’s path have either abandoned, forgotten, or ignored this love…not in all cases, but in many. Husbands and wives break their vows, parents pit children against one another, children come to believe that life is all about them, governments forget that they are elected for the betterment of the people, not the detriment.

You are my people and I want only the very best for you. I gave you free will, hoping you would use it wisely. Some of you have willingly and lovingly accepted me; others have deliberately denied my very existence.

It is my prayer that you will open your minds and hearts, and use your intelligence as intended.

You are my children and I love you dearly. Please hear my prayer.

Your Heavenly Father.





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