Something to Crow About

Have you ever talked to a crow and got an answer? A few years ago, a young friend (ten at the time) and I were having a conversation on my veranda when a crow, perched on a high wire, began cawing. Its tirade seemed directed at us and so I shot back, “Oh yeah? C’mon down here and say that!” To our astonishment, the bird flew at us and we dashed into the house.

Crow on guard

I’ve since learned that the crow is a very intelligent bird; for example take this internet clip:

“Crows are extremely adaptive.  They have been seen cracking walnuts by dropping them at a height needed to burst them open.  Now if that doesn’t amaze you, this will.  Crows will also drop walnuts on roads waiting for cars to run them over — and if it doesn’t work the first time, they move the walnut and try again.  These crows also memorize traffic patterns so they know exactly when to drop the nuts, and retrieve the nuts only when the lights are red and the crosswalk sign is on.  A skill most humans have not yet mastered.”

I’d say that is certainly something to crow about.












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