Our Anxious World

Make no mistake about it. Our world is us…we the people. So what about us is influencing the marked increase in anxiety among our young, mid-age, and elderly?

Some say it is the food we eat, the meds we take, the air we breathe, the games we play, a synapse malfunction…and a myriad of other reasons. Granted, some of these may be responsible but why not look into ourselves? Could there be a connection to the way we treat others, to the way we tune out the conversations that make us uncomfortable, to the way we handle our differences, to the way we exhibit aggressive behavior with the excuse that ‘that’s just the way I am’? All this and more is seen in families, business, the coach’s bench, schools, churches…you name it.

Anxiety is not only a modern day problem. It existed two thousand years ago and even longer. It existed in the Garden of Eden. But that’s not to say that it can’t be overcome. A change of attitude on the part of ourselves and the people we share the world with would be a good first step. Asking ourselves if we could be a contributing factor to our own or someone else’s anxiety and then making a move to do something about it would be a good second step.

I feel that like cancer and other debilitating diseases we deal with on a daily basis, we must continue to look for ways to eradicate this mind-numbing, body-stiffening, nausea-producing ailment before it eradicates us as a humanity.

I, for one, am praying for healing of the afflicted and know that with our own awareness and God’s help, they will be restored. There is a way…let’s find it.

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2 thoughts on “Our Anxious World

  1. How right you are, our young people are experiencing a pandemic of Anxiety, those afflicted are left totally immobilized by fear to the point where they can’t function among their “peers”. Within my own family circle is a 12-year-old boy who can’/won’t go to school, His older 22-year-old brother who is petrified to enter the workforce because of “panic attacks” and my 16-year old granddaughter who has had to stop school because of panic attacks. Some of our youth are so brutal and judgemental they just don’t care how their behavior affects others. All three have been ostracized in different ways by people and groups they once considered friends. Have we reached a void of “no social conscience” in some of our society? Distressing to witness such callous behavior in our youth.

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