My Angels are Numbered

I haven’t made myself aware of my angels for a long time. I used to be aware on a daily basis, and it was so much fun. Today, my prosperity angel, Ned, (999) appeared right here on my iPad just a few minutes ago, reminding me to once again be alert.

I just reblogged Ned’s story.

On The Sidewalk of Life

On Monday of this week, I had the sad opportunity to attend the funeral of a fifty-two-year-old young man who was a long-time member of my church. Andrew was the epitome of good nature, good deeds, and good looks. He was also the recipient of ominous cardiovascular genetics. His father and brother both died of this deadly disease at a very early age. Although his mother also had the gene, she did live a longer life, and Andrew became her solitary caregiver after she suffered a stroke in her early seventies.

This young man took care of his mother in the same way she cared for him as a child. He was always by her side, taking her to movies, out to dinner, to church functions, and to church every Sunday. When Andrew smiled, it lit up a room; when he laughed, it could be heard clear across Scarborough, and if Andrew cried, nobody heard it.

And his good works didn’t stop with his mother. On one occasion, I met Andrew when he was shopping at a Superstore where I had just purchased a patio set of table, four chairs and an umbrella. Seeing me trying to cram this whole set into my little Kia Magentis, totally without success, Andrew promptly pulled his van up behind me and loaded my patio furniture into it. “Where to, Patricia?” he asked with his famous brilliant smile. He followed me to my house, unloaded my set, and offered to put it all together for me. But I declined that extra service and sent him on his way, with a huge hug of thanks, to get his mother’s groceries. Not long after that, Andrew’s mother suffered a major stroke which ended her life, and saw him handle the final act of seeing to his mom’s last wishes.

That’s how Andrew walked the sidewalk of life. Everything he did was from the goodness of his heart; one that never functioned physically the way it was meant to.

After his mother’s death, Andrew began admitting to having problems with his heart. In spite of that, he picked up the pieces of life without his mom, and carried on living with a new sense of freedom, when he wasn’t in hospital for one procedure or another.

And then Andrew was gone. A massive heart attack took him in his sleep. I’m told he knew his days were numbered, but not for one moment do I believe that he gave in to self pity. I’m told that on his final day on earth, he mentioned to a neighbour that he wasn’t feeling well but went about filling the bird bath and feeder so that his feathered friends were looked after. That’s the kind of guy he was.

As the clergyman who did his funeral service told us, this good natured young man got off the sidewalk of life and onto the stairway to Heaven.  And he only did so after a final act of kindness.

Can you imagine how many angels were waiting for Andrew at the top of that stairway?





About Celeste

After yesterday’s blog, someone asked me to write about Celeste. Although Celeste resides, among other places, on the menu, My Poetry, of my blog’s home page, not many people appear to be aware of that site.

Let me tell you a little bit about this special angel of mine.

The Mustard Seed Gift Shop was my home away from home for almost fourteen years of my life. It was my “pretty little gift shop” as I liked to refer to it. One day a shipment of beautiful porcelain dolls arrived, and one in particular caught my eye. She was dressed in a lovely, emerald green, sharply pleated dress with matching hat, and had an angelic face with pretty green eyes.

Just before the shipment arrived, an assistant and I had been discussing whether or not angels had names, and I said I loved the name Celeste. When I decided to call this beautiful new doll by that name, my assistant commented, “Maybe that is your guiding angel’s name.” That thought stayed with me for the rest of the day, and was still on my mind as bedtime drew near that night.

The urge to communicate with my angel was so strong, that with pen and paper in hand, I said, “Okay, Celeste, if you really are my guiding angel, let’s write something.”

This is what appeared on my paper:


Longing to write

through an angel guide

the words I seek

come from deep inside

the heart of me

where they cannot hide

from Celeste.

Pen to paper

an open mind,

wonderful words

of every kind

waiting in turn

to blend and rhyme

through Celeste.

Softly the words

flow to me

spanning space

through a Spirit free,

God-sent words

reminding me

of Celeste.

Longing no longer

the time has come

the words will be written

great works will be done

by Celeste.

©Patricia Ann Boyes

That was so easy to write, and yes, the words did flow to me. Would you call this synchronicity in writing? I’m not sure, but whatever one may call it, it ended my day on a beautiful note, and Celeste has been in my consciousness ever since.

Do I Believe in God?

Today’s blog is another Julia Cameron exercise, on the above title. It is really amazing how much delight I can get from a little exercise in writing. Perhaps it is because writing is my passion, or at least one of my passions. These daily blogs have been a blessing to me, keeping my creative juices flowing, while pushing my boundaries to complete one hundred blogs in as many days. By then my book should be out and maybe the blogs will go on a back burner for awhile…or maybe not. So, here is another of Julia’s inspiring exercises from 2002.

Do I believe in God? (Another exercise from Julia Cameron) Oct. 17/02

I believe in God with all my heart and all my soul and all my mind. If it were not for God my life would be a dismal mess.  God helps me see myself as I really am and so many times I don’t like what I see.  But knowing that He loves me in spite of myself makes me feel somewhat better.  Still, I need to change the things I don’t like about myself.

God has been so wonderful in my life; so many blessings, so many answered prayers.  He is always just a prayer away.  He helps me creatively as well.  I remember the night I prayed in my bed, “Oh God if I really do have a talent within me will you please bring it out?” The next day I wrote “God’s Summer Day” and have been writing ever since.  And I’m told  that what I write is enjoyed by many people.  And I say Thank You God!

 Do I believe in Angels?  Yes, very much so.  They are messengers of God and I have my very own angel code, so to speak.  I have written a story about my angels also.  I would really like to be more in touch with my angels.

Regarding a writing experience that was somewhat uncanny was my experience with Celeste.  To make a long story short a colleague had mentioned that Celeste might be my “angel”.  Anyway, I sat down that evening and said “ok Celeste, if you really are my angel, let’s write something”.

And we wrote “Celeste” and I think it is one of the better pieces I have written.

I am very willing to experiment with the use of synchronicity in my writing.  Perhaps this afternoon I will begin that process.

One topic I would like more information on for my writing is spirituality and how it affects our everyday lives.  I must stay aware for a week to see how this manifests itself in my day to day journals.

This ends the exercise experiences with Julia Cameron. And only God knows what I am going to write about tomorrow! Hmmm maybe Celeste!



Ask For a Gift

scan0003A few days ago when I wrote the blog, Ned is an Angel, a new blogging friend asked me how I know my angels are around me. That’s a very good  question, and I even asked it myself one day a few years ago. I was recovering from a difficult chemo day, and not too sure of any angels at that point.

A Hay House Radio program was playing on my computer, and I sat back to listen when I heard the word “angel”.

A caller asked, “How do I know my angels are around me?”

The response was, “Ask them for a gift.” That surprised me a little, but then I said to myself, why not?

Feeling a little ridiculous, I nevertheless had the nerve to ask, “Okay, Angels, may I please have a gift?”

I actually voiced it aloud!

I listened to the program for a while longer, but finally gave in to the feeling of fatigue that chemotherapy treatments are famous for, and fell asleep.

The telephone woke me up a few hours later. It was my friend, and former boss at the Canadian Bible Society Book Store, calling to see how I was doing. I had often talked to Betty about my dreams, and how I tried to interpret them.

Now, she told me of a new book that had just arrived at the store, which she was sure I would be interested in: “Dream Language…The prophetic power of dreams, revelations, and the spirit of wisdom” by James W. and Michal Ann Goll.

Of course I was interested! I asked Betty to hold me a copy and I’d come in and buy it on one of my better days.

Her next words blew me away — “I am holding it for you, and when you are ready, come in and pick up your gift.”

I hung up the phone, smiling, and said, “Thank you, Angels.”

It was a one-time occurrence; I never asked for a gift again.

So, Laurie, that’s how I know my angels are all around me.

Ned is an Angel

My angels are numbered. Let me tell you how Ned got his number.  It all began with a book I read in 1991, The Messengers, by Julia Ingram and G.W. Hardin.  In one chapter angels were making themselves known to four different individuals in the guise of the numbers 444.  As a matter of fact, the chapter was titled ‘The 444’s’.  In the book, a lady who supposedly could talk to the angels, told the main character that his special angel was number 4.  This triggered a memory for me.  Many years ago I had been told that the number 7 was very important to me.  Could it be that my special angel was numbered 777?  I believed so and connected the name, Celeste, with that number.  Before long I came to feel that many angels were with me and I identified some by numbers. ”

Once aware of the angels in my life it was wonderful the way they made themselves known to me whenever I called upon them. Presently, an awareness crept into my psyche whenever triple numbers appeared, whether on license plates, advertised telephone numbers on poles and billboards or even a particular hymn number on Sunday morning.  Whatever was happening, it was a good thing–but back to Ned.

I’m one of those people who makes a little time for quietness before the start of the day. I was reading an article in an angel magazine one morning, and the writer was describing an incident where she was mentally asking for help with a computer program she was working on which had to do with finances.  Suddenly, the name ‘Ned’ came to her.  Shaking her head at this imaginative voice, she continued trying to conquer the problem she was having–to no avail.  Once again she found herself mentally saying, “I need some help here” and once again the name ‘Ned’ popped into her mind.  The writer had a name book on hand and looked up ‘Ned’. It was a derivative of Edward, meaning prosperous guardian.  “Great” she thought, “I can live with that kind of help, thank you very much,” and soon found her thinking had cleared and the problem was solved.

Back to my angels. As yet I wasn’t aware of my prosperity angel and the number 999 suddenly came to my mind.  Wondering if Ned and 999 were connected I began to look for that particular number on my drive to work.

A feeling of vague disappointment enveloped me as I neared my destination and my prosperity angel had not manifested yet. Suddenly, a traffic tie-up occurred in front of me.  Knowing there was a short-cut I could take, I turned the first corner I came to.  There, parked at the side of the road to my right, was a car with the license plate N E D.  Awesome!  But that is not the end of the story.  That afternoon I entertained a business colleague who knew my penchant for angels and their numbers.  Nonchalantly, over a cup of coffee, she volunteered the following information, “By the way, on my way over here the car in front of me had 999 on the license plate–I thought you might be interested.”

That’s how I know Ned is and Angel.