Ned is an Angel

My angels are numbered. Let me tell you how Ned got his number.  It all began with a book I read in 1991, The Messengers, by Julia Ingram and G.W. Hardin.  In one chapter angels were making themselves known to four different individuals in the guise of the numbers 444.  As a matter of fact, the chapter was titled ‘The 444’s’.  In the book, a lady who supposedly could talk to the angels, told the main character that his special angel was number 4.  This triggered a memory for me.  Many years ago I had been told that the number 7 was very important to me.  Could it be that my special angel was numbered 777?  I believed so and connected the name, Celeste, with that number.  Before long I came to feel that many angels were with me and I identified some by numbers. ”

Once aware of the angels in my life it was wonderful the way they made themselves known to me whenever I called upon them. Presently, an awareness crept into my psyche whenever triple numbers appeared, whether on license plates, advertised telephone numbers on poles and billboards or even a particular hymn number on Sunday morning.  Whatever was happening, it was a good thing–but back to Ned.

I’m one of those people who makes a little time for quietness before the start of the day. I was reading an article in an angel magazine one morning, and the writer was describing an incident where she was mentally asking for help with a computer program she was working on which had to do with finances.  Suddenly, the name ‘Ned’ came to her.  Shaking her head at this imaginative voice, she continued trying to conquer the problem she was having–to no avail.  Once again she found herself mentally saying, “I need some help here” and once again the name ‘Ned’ popped into her mind.  The writer had a name book on hand and looked up ‘Ned’. It was a derivative of Edward, meaning prosperous guardian.  “Great” she thought, “I can live with that kind of help, thank you very much,” and soon found her thinking had cleared and the problem was solved.

Back to my angels. As yet I wasn’t aware of my prosperity angel and the number 999 suddenly came to my mind.  Wondering if Ned and 999 were connected I began to look for that particular number on my drive to work.

A feeling of vague disappointment enveloped me as I neared my destination and my prosperity angel had not manifested yet. Suddenly, a traffic tie-up occurred in front of me.  Knowing there was a short-cut I could take, I turned the first corner I came to.  There, parked at the side of the road to my right, was a car with the license plate N E D.  Awesome!  But that is not the end of the story.  That afternoon I entertained a business colleague who knew my penchant for angels and their numbers.  Nonchalantly, over a cup of coffee, she volunteered the following information, “By the way, on my way over here the car in front of me had 999 on the license plate–I thought you might be interested.”

That’s how I know Ned is and Angel.

4 thoughts on “Ned is an Angel

  1. I’m so intrigued with angels and just recently have started trying to be more aware and learn all I can about them. So needless to say, your story fascinates me. How did you first become aware of the angels around you?

    • Hi Laurie   It was the book, The Messengers, that I mentioned, that made me aware of the angels, and when I started talking to them and asking questions they responded.   And then I began filling my home with Angel paraphanalia, and at one time had over 100 angels, though you would never know it because of the many ways they were displayed. I still have many of them in my home. And angel books…I read oodles of them!   Very recently I was having difficulty with a computer problem (just like the lady in the magazine article) and I sat perfectly still and said “okay, I need help to understand this, please. I asked the angels but also God, Jesus, and Spirit (I wanted to cover all my bases). Within a few minutes everything became crystal clear and I was able to finish the project.   You can talk to them, write to them, whatever, and just watch for signs: little things. You would’t believe how many times 999 (Ned) appeared to me after I wrote that post. It makes me smile! Happy angeling! You can email me any time also

      Blessings Patricia

      • That completely fascinates me. I’m definitely adding your email to contact list now. And I will be emailing you soon. I wonder if they have that book as an ebook. I will look tonight. As I’ve studied and grown closer to God, I’ve learned more about how He uses Angels to put things in play for him. And I’m pretty sure there is one staying around my house. Just something I sensed after asking for God to surround our house with angels of protection. I would love to find out more about it. Please feel free to email me too, anytime! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you. I’ve noticed, at different times a connection with numbers but wasn’t sure what to make of it. They number 27 is big for our family. Not even sure how it happened and it doesn’t follow the repeated number theme your talking about. But it shows up in a lot of different ways. I will email you soon. Thanks!

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