Whatever It Takes

Someone needs to hear that they are making a difference in someone’s life. They need to hear that because they exist, life is easier, happier, and more fulfilling. They need to hear that their contribution to a relationship is what makes it stronger. They need to hear that they themselves are strong, resilient, and someone to be proud of. Someone needs to hear that they are loved, appreciated, easy to be with; they need to hear that they are passionate, compassionate, considerate and caring; that a certain someone wouldn’t know what to do without them in their life. And to top it all off, someone needs to know that they are beautiful inside and out and that no one else could hold a candle to them.

Is this someone you? You may have to be the someone who makes another person feel the way you want them to make you feel. Life is reciprocal…you get what you give…reap what you sow. Do to others as you would have them do to you. (Luke 6:31) It’s widely known as “the golden rule”

So, if you are the someone in question and are not being fulfilled to your expectations, even after doing the sowing thing, then perhaps it’s time to borrow the mirror on the wall from the evil queen in the Snow White fairy tale…whatever it takes.

(The idea for this blog came from a post on someone’s Facebook page and I decided to mix being serious with a little fun and fancy. However, it is always uplifting to hear nice things about one’s self, so let me tell many of you that my life is much brighter and happier because you are in it, and all of you are beautiful.)



It’s Enough to Make Me Cry

Why did Jesus weep? Was it because his friend Lazarus had died? I don’t think so, because Jesus knew that he was going to bring Lazarus back to life. No, I’m sure it was because Mary and Martha, their friends, and even the disciples, after everything they had seen of Jesus performing countless miracles, still did not believe in him.

Jesus had many reasons to weep throughout his short ministry, and even to this day.

He weeps when he sees one human being beheading another. He weeps when we fly airplanes into tall buildings, killing thousands of innocent people. He weeps when bullets are pumped into human bodies by their fellow man. He weeps when his name is trashed; used as a curse instead of a blessing. He weeps when he reaches out to us and we turn our backs on him, or ridicule him, or deny his very existence. He weeps when we lose patience with family and friends, and when we fail to offer kindness and understanding instead of derogatory remarks. He weeps when lives are lost to cancer, humility is lost to vanity, and his love is tossed to the winds, instead of being embraced by humanity, to whom he freely gives.

John 11:35 is the shortest verse in the Bible…just two words: Jesus wept. Two words to show the true compassion of the greatest man who ever lived.

It’s enough to make me cry.

Please…Just Cut the Red Tape

It’s all over the news that a mother from Alberta gave birth to her two month premature baby in Ontario while visiting family.

She had been given clearance by her doctor to make the trip. There was no reason to believe that the baby girl would make her appearance while out of province.

Because the hospital where she was delivered could not accommodate this premature birth, mother and baby were flown to a neighboring hospital in the same province to the tune of approximately $30,000, which the airline stated in advance of the emergency flight. (Why $30,000?!)

Of course the mother agreed…what was she going to say…”No, no, I can’t pay to save my baby’s life!” Knowing she lived in Canada, she felt her Canadian health care would be looked after…and normally it would.

Now each of the provinces are declining to accept health care responsibilities.

What is the big deal??? This is a life and death situation of a brand new human being, of not the child’s nor the mother’s choosing.

Why can’t each province split the cost of the air ambulance…a mere $15,000 each. Each province can afford it and obviously, the young mother cannot.

When, oh when, is our society going to start implementing humane values to human conditions?

When are we going to start making exceptions to the so-called “RULES”?

When are we going to put human life ahead of the bottom line?

When are we going to cut the red tape in favor of the right thing to do?

Is this blog going to make a difference to this young mother’s plight? Not likely…but at least for once I won’t just sit back and say, “There’s nothing I can do about that.”

There comes a time to take a stand to cut the red tape.

Raining on the Inside

What a wonderful Wednesday was spent with my cousin Bill and his wife, Arlene. We had a delicious lunch at The Pickle Barrel in North Toronto, a popular restaurant since 1971; friendly ambience, good food, great conversation, and delightful company.

Our server was pleasant and attentive, but somehow my cousin, Bill, detected a note of sadness about her and engaged her in conversation. (He’s so good at that!) After a few minutes he blurted out, “I think you need a hug!”

“Bill, don’t embarrass her,” admonished his wife.

With that, the young lady reached down and accepted my cousin’s hug.

“Thank you for realizing I need a hug,” she said. “I may seem sunny on the outside but I’m raining inside.”

Wow, thought I to myself, what a beautiful blog this will be.

His Name is Jason

“His name is Jason. He is fifteen years old and has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.”

This came through our prayer chain last night.

He is someone’s son, grandson, brother, nephew, friend…someone who needs our prayers. Jason.

I don’t know this boy, nor do most of you, but I do know that most of the people I do know, and the many bloggers I have met in the past few months are empathetic, compassionate, praying people.

His name is Jason. Please pray for him.

Thank you for reading and caring. Thank you for praying. His name is Jason.




The time has come to recognize the fact that just as a band-aid is needed for a cut, a cold-pack for a bump, a heating pad for an ache, a lozenge for a cough…a hug is needed for a bruised spirit. “I need a hug!” It is a prescription asking to be filled; a cry for compassion; a soul seeking to be soothed; a human need waiting to be met. Whether you are the one in need or the one to meet the need, just know that that hug will benefit all who embrace it. And you don’t need money or a drug plan; just a caring heart and two willing arms.

Shadows in the Wind

I haven’t posted a poem in a long while, and while reading other bloggers’ poetry, am sensing a struggle with love. Let me share one of my love poems:


Perfect love is fulfillment

in perpetual motion,

seeing with the heart’s eye

that which the mind cannot grasp,

acknowledging the human need

for closeness under all conditions,

realizing that aloofness is a

suit of armor worn by those

who fear perfect love

is beyond their realm,

understanding the merest

reaching out of a heart’s desire,

passion and compassion hand in hand,

longing and belonging heart to heart.

Will it ever be reality

or are we pursuing shadows in the wind?


This was originally posted on July 25/14. Sometimes a second helping can be a good thing.

A Prayer for the Lonely

Dear God, because of death, there are those who are living their lives without their partners of many years. Their most voiced lament is, “I’m lonely.” They now live alone, eat alone, sleep alone, and venture out alone. Their heartbreak is keen; their grief tear-filled. Lord, may they come to know that when they feel most alone, you are with them. May they feel your presence as surely as they once felt the presence of their loved ones. May they know that although they are lonely, they are still loved. Help us to realize our neighbour’s plight and to reach out to those who need a tender touch. Amen.

When Too Much is Too Much

Last night a man who has lost his wife, sister and son within the past seven months came through our prayer chain. My heart is hurting just hearing this news; I can’t imagine his grief. Here is a person who needs all the prayers he can get.

Another Sunday Prayer

It’s Sunday again and I’d like to share another prayer of the people:

Breathe on us breath of God as we welcome Your Holy Spirit into the silence of our hearts.

Father God, help us to realize that talking about You is not the same as knowing You, and talking to You.

Help us to overcome the obstacles that prevent us from enjoying a closer relationship with You. Help us to trust You completely in the problems we face and the decisions we make each day.

When we are self centered, help us to center on You and the needs of others.

When we are feeling depressed and anxious help us to rest in Your never-ending love and to feel the comfort and peace that Your love brings.

When we lose our sense of compassion, help us to remember Your constant compassion for us and make us aware enough to feel it in our lives.

Make us humble enough to know that You are our help in every need and without You we are incomplete.

Father we pray for our friends and families and for each other and ask that You would replace our grief with peace, our sickness with healing, our poverty with prosperity and our sadness with joy.

We pray for world peace, for unity among all people, for governments of all countries and for courage to stand up to the unacceptable acts of those who have no concern for the lives and welfare of their fellow human beings.

Help these people to find a way to channel their destructive behavior into productive action that they may become caring members of our society.

May our prayers today be acceptable in Your sight, and may we try to make our lives acceptable to You in every way. Amen.