Many Kinds of Love

How often do we think love is out the window when someone or something comes along to prove otherwise? It has happened to me a few times in my lifetime, and just recently it has happened again. Just when I was mourning the perceived loss of an object of my affection, this appeared on the screen of my life and love soared to a new height once again. Does that make me fickle? It doesn’t mean that I have given up on one of my other loves, it just means that there is room in my heart for many kinds of love. Scenes like this make me happy, and happiness is another form of love. This photo was posted on Facebook yesterday, and I had to share it. I just love it!






WHEN (Take Two)

When the meadowlark sings in the meadow,

when the woodpecker pecks at its tree,

when the red breasted robin lays her blue eggs,

when the mockingbird mocks with glee.

When the Baltimore oriole leaves Baltimore,

when the Canada geese fly back home,

when the beautiful cardinal dressed all in red

when the warbler warbles its song.

When the finch with its feathers of yellow,

when the jay in its shades of blue,

when the martin of purple splendor,

when the bunting of indigo hue.

When the birds fill the air with their joy sounds,

when their colors and plumage take flight,

God’s creatures share freely their bird life,

when we take the time to delight.


(This is the result of not wanting to leave yesterday’s poem in its unfinished state.)

A Mouse in the House

I’m sure we’ve all had to deal with mice at one time or another. They have an uncanny habit of inhabiting even the grandest of homes. Normally, I had no trouble catching the little creatures, but one in particular proved to be a problem.

Chapter Twenty-Eight  –  A Mouse in the House

Before Zoe came to us, Jerry and I had an unwelcome house guest — a mouse! I called him Mercury because he was as elusive as the substance in a pre-digital thermometer. Have you ever broken a mercury thermometer and tried to clean up the spill? It’s tricky.

I truly believe the little beastie had been to mouse school. He knew every trap in the book, and every food in the trap. At breakfast, the bait was a bit of peanut butter. It was still there at lunch time, so I replaced it with a piece of cheddar cheese. Meat loaf was his choice for dinner. None of these foods whetted his appetite, and I wondered what he was living on………

….the earth is full of your creatures. (Psalm 104:24)

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A Pet Named Zoe

So many pets had come and gone in my life, that I vowed not to have another one after our last pet, “Kelly, the dog”, went to doggie heaven. It just hurt too much to lose them. Such was not the case, as this next chapter will reveal.

Chapter Twenty Seven  –  A Pet Named Zoe

Zoe was no ordinary cat. She was born in a fishing shack on the shores of Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong, the last of a litter of six kittens waiting for a home.

Two old fishermen had looked after the kittens since they were born, and they were not pleased to have one left.

Zoe was always underfoot, sniffing out the fish. With a shrug of their bony shoulders, the fishermen decided to get rid of her. She’d make a good meal for someone.

A little girl who had just arrived in Hong Kong from Canada was looking for a pet. Amberley, a slender, blond youngster with legs like a colt, and a frisky personality to match, was walking with her parents and siblings, getting to know their new surroundings, when they saw the fishing shack in the distance. Curious, Amberley scurried ahead to check out this strange looking building. Her parents called words of caution after her. The child poked her head in to investigate the shack, and heard, meow, meow, meow.

“Mom! Dad!” she squealed in delight, “over here, quickly, please!”

….some people have entertained angels….(Hebrews 13:2)

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