A Mouse in the House

I’m sure we’ve all had to deal with mice at one time or another. They have an uncanny habit of inhabiting even the grandest of homes. Normally, I had no trouble catching the little creatures, but one in particular proved to be a problem.

Chapter Twenty-Eight  –  A Mouse in the House

Before Zoe came to us, Jerry and I had an unwelcome house guest — a mouse! I called him Mercury because he was as elusive as the substance in a pre-digital thermometer. Have you ever broken a mercury thermometer and tried to clean up the spill? It’s tricky.

I truly believe the little beastie had been to mouse school. He knew every trap in the book, and every food in the trap. At breakfast, the bait was a bit of peanut butter. It was still there at lunch time, so I replaced it with a piece of cheddar cheese. Meat loaf was his choice for dinner. None of these foods whetted his appetite, and I wondered what he was living on………

….the earth is full of your creatures. (Psalm 104:24)

Tomorrow  –  The Way I See It  –  A Lesson in Laying Down Your Life

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