Laugh It Up

Last week in our Spiritual Workshop we were led to laughing about something. One lady who suffers severely from rheumatoid arthritis laughed so much she commented, “I’m not even hurting!” Laughing is indeed good for health, heart and soul. Here is something to help you laugh it up. Happy September first!

From a Distance

We all see life differently whether from up close or from a distance but I think we all have the same hopes and dreams of peace, love, harmony, hope, health, happiness. Listen to how Bette Midler describes it. Happy Sunday.

A Hymn for Health and Peace of Mind

All over the world people are coping one way or another with Covid-19. Some people have managed to escape it, some have a mild case and others have succumbed to it. The media is top heavy with this news, making life quite uncomfortable in many respects.  Today’s hymn is meant to bring some peace of mind. I pray it works for you. Happy Sunday.

In the Arms of an Angel

Music can have a healing and comforting effect when life serves up unpalatable portions of insomnia, depression, anxiety, health issues, and other problems that rob us of a peaceful and fulfilling life.

Here is one of my favorite songs that brings comfort when any of the above threaten my well-being.

Thinking Good Thoughts

Sometimes our thoughts can make or break our mood. I have had to change my way of thinking many times in my lifetime for the simple reason that some thoughts were not only detrimental to my psyche but also to my health.

Now, whenever unwelcome thoughts invade my mind I make a concerted effort to think about Philippians 4:8: 

….whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

It’s called thinking good thoughts. Happy Sunday.



A Little Jolt of Happiness

“Your cholesterol is too high!” This is what my family physician has been telling me for years. My body will not tolerate statin drugs, and dietary and exercise regimens have not worked, so yes, my cholesterol is too high.

“Your cholesterol is too high!” This from my cardiologist in June.

“So I’ve been told,” was my demure reply.

“Dangerously high!” No demureness on his part. “But I can help you.”

I went home with a new plan involving a new drug…a very expensive drug…which needs to be administered by injection twice a month. I learned how to do this in two hours on June 29th, with the help of a nurse who visited me in my home.

After two doses of this new drug, I had my blood work repeated.

“Your cholesterol is really good!” This from my family physician who took time out of his busy schedule to tell his receptionist to relay this news to me yesterday.

The jolt of happiness that went through me more than made up for the jolt of the medicated needle that is responsible for this wonderful turn of events.

My thankfulness extends not only to my doctor and my cardiologist, but to my insurance plan that covers the cost of this drug.

And thanks be to God, the overseer of my life, for this newest little jolt of happiness.

Give her medicine. Perhaps she can yet be healed.  Jeremiah 51:8 NLT

Praise the Lord, and pass the medication!


Don’t Let it Fester

A few days ago I shared a joke which had come my way. It was about people being angry and not talking to each other, but it was written to be humorous and indeed it was.

However, anger is a poisonous emotion to the one who harbors it. There are many, many things that make us angry in day to day life, whether in the media, a family, a workplace, friendships, and yes, even in a church.

The thing about anger is to feel it, acknowledge it, speak about it if we must, but then try to get rid of it as soon as possible. It can be healthy to realize that there are things that do make us angry, that everything in life is not fair, or just, or even acceptable. We may justify what makes us angry, but whether or not we are justified is something only we can decide after a good long soul search.

Anger is a very natural reaction to unnatural behaviors. But a festering anger can itself cause unnatural behaviors in the person who harbors it, and it can be poisonous…very poisonous.

Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger…Ephesians 4:31

Easier said than done, but healthier in the long run…don’t let it fester.




My Happiness

The other day I caught myself humming a song recorded by Connie Francis in 1959, My Happiness. It was one of my favorites of the time and it popped into my head on Wednesday, January 6th. Why? Because I was feeling very happy. It was my birthday. I’m always happy on my birthday and look forward to it every year. This birthday was kind of special in that it was the first day of the last year of the seventh decade of my life. Am I happy to be saying good-bye to the seventies? Not so much, knowing there are fewer years ahead of me, but there is also a whole new decade coming up, in which, God willing, I hope to experience even more happiness.

For one thing there is a brand new family member coming to meet me in July, my eighth great-grandchild expected on July 3rd. Also, another one of my grandchildren is getting married in 2016, setting the scene for even more great-grandchildren.

Having had a few weeks of unpleasant health problems at the end of my seventy-eighth year, on my birthday I found out that although the diagnosis and prognosis are not excellent, at least they aren’t fatal, and medication should contribute to better control and more comfortable living.

I’m looking forward to enjoying my seventy-ninth year and all that it holds in store, while being mindful of Proverbs 15:13 – A happy heart makes the face cheerful…

My Happiness is still playing in my head. I don’t mind if it stays there for the next three-hundred-and-fifty-eight days.


The Year That Was

My Precious Life, the book was the highlight of my year. It came to fruition on June 26, 2014, the day it was published by Westbow Press. It is  available on many online book stores;, Barnes and Noble, etc. and can be ordered through any retail book store. It is a book of inspiration and life lessons.

My Precious Life, this blog, was another highlight. It began on April 5th and has just reached two-hundred and three posts, with nearly as many followers and almost seventy-five hundred views; not a huge number, I know, but not too bad for a beginner. However, the best part of this venture is the people I have met in the blogging world: very prolific and interesting people, from whom I have learned much. Thank you.

The year that was saw a granddaughter get married, another become engaged, two grandchildren realize their modeling dreams, and others seeing their dreams coming closer to fruition. My family, has and always will, be the best highlight of all my years.

The year had its ups and downs, but the ups were definitely the winners.

In the world there was, and is, sadness and despair but there is also hope.

“…In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

And on that note I extend heartfelt wishes for happiness, comfort, peace, prosperity (both spiritual and monetary), healing, health and well-being.

Happy New Year.

Patricia Ann Boyes