Don’t Let it Fester

A few days ago I shared a joke which had come my way. It was about people being angry and not talking to each other, but it was written to be humorous and indeed it was.

However, anger is a poisonous emotion to the one who harbors it. There are many, many things that make us angry in day to day life, whether in the media, a family, a workplace, friendships, and yes, even in a church.

The thing about anger is to feel it, acknowledge it, speak about it if we must, but then try to get rid of it as soon as possible. It can be healthy to realize that there are things that do make us angry, that everything in life is not fair, or just, or even acceptable. We may justify what makes us angry, but whether or not we are justified is something only we can decide after a good long soul search.

Anger is a very natural reaction to unnatural behaviors. But a festering anger can itself cause unnatural behaviors in the person who harbors it, and it can be poisonous…very poisonous.

Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger…Ephesians 4:31

Easier said than done, but healthier in the long run…don’t let it fester.




2 thoughts on “Don’t Let it Fester

  1. Amen and Amen! To hold onto anger is not healthy in many ways for body, mind, or spirit. God knows that, and that’s why we are told to get rid of it.


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