Songs of Friendship

Hello and welcome to Blog Day Six and Chapter Five of My Precious Life.  I always associated music with friends when I was growing up because music made me happy when the end of a friendship made me sad. So here is a blurb from that part of my life.


Chapter Five  –   Songs of Friendship

Before long, I became accustomed to my new surroundings, and made a new friend. She was a little older than I, acted kind of tough, but was very nice. Her name was Jean Braid, and she gave me my first cigarette when I turned twelve. I’ll tell you about that later.

Our teacher that year was Mrs. Deville. She was tough. She had glaring eyes, and her tongue was always jammed into the inside of one cheek or the other. If you didn’t understand what she had written on the blackboard, her inch long, scarlet nails screeched down the slate from top to bottom. It still makes my skin crawl remembering that sound.

You never chewed gum in Deville’s class. I know, because the one time I forgot to spit mine out, I wrote five hundred lines of, I will not chew gum in school. I get writer’s cramp to this day. “Cow Cow Boogie” was the song of the time.


It was difficult to choose an excerpt from this chapter because of the many people, friends, and connected songs it portrays. It was fun writing the chapter, as each friend and song came to mind.


One thought on “Songs of Friendship

  1. You were a little ahead of me in school but I do recall writing on the blackboard ‘I will not chew gum in school’. Ah the memories! Lol

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