On Being a Mother

By the time I was twenty-three, I was raising a son and three daughters; another son joined us seven years later.  Their dad had his work cut out providing for our growing family.


Chapter Fourteen  –  On Being a Mother

“You should be in school, not here having a baby.”

It was the voice of an indignant, yet empathetic nurse, who was coaching me through the final stages of a forty hour labor.

The nurse’s words were drowned out by my agonizing shriek, as Deborah Faith crowned her way into my life. Daughter number one was here, and I was too exhausted to welcome her. However, we had the rest of our lives to get to know each other, and she was a very brave little girl to give this seventeen-year old, inexperienced mother a chance to discover a new dimension of love. It was September 19, 1954, a new beginning for both mother and daughter……


“Be fruitful and increase in number…”  (Genesis 9:1)


Tomorow  –  Worry-Wart  –  A Lesson in How not to Worry



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