Worry was a way of life when I was a young mom in a challenging marriage–until I learned to “take it to the Lord in prayer”.  It was a lesson well learned, and although it didn’t save my marriage, it saved my sanity.

Chapter Fifteen  –  Worry Wart

It was the early 1970’s. I had a husband, who for years had no qualms about drinking and driving. It worried me sick as I waited up so many times for him to come safely home from a night out with his buddies.

I also had three teenagers who didn’t always keep to their curfew, causing even more worry. Two younger children brought different kinds of worry. I was a true worry-wart…..

“Therefore I tell you not to worry about your life…(Matthew 6:25)

Tomorrow  –  A Leap of Faith  –  A Lesson in Being Aware

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