You’re Too Pretty to Smoke

I don’t know about any of you smokers out there, but if you have ever tried to quit, you know how hard it is–for most of us.  It was the worst habit I had entertained in my whole life, and when I realized how horrible I began to feel after years of inhaling all those toxins, I wanted to quit. Oh, the agony of it all!

Chapter Thirty-Six  –  You’re Too Pretty to Smoke

“God, I hate smoking! Please help me quit. I’ll suffer anything you want; just help me to quit. Amen.” It was a fervent prayer, and I meant it.

“Just take a drag in.”

I was twelve years old when Jeannie Braid stuck that first cigarette in my mouth and put a match to it. She was two years older than I, and a seasoned smoker. The world whirled. My throat felt as raw as a skinned knee on cement.

“Blow it out, you dumb ox!” Jeannie yelled.

I coughed and sputtered as a thin stream of smoke escaped my lips. It was not as much as I had I taken in. I had swallowed the rest. It was awful. I thought I was dying.

“Okay, now take another puff and blow it out right away!” was the next command.

Still dizzy, I stupidly did what she saidand I was hooked for the next forty-seven years of my life……

I have fought the good fight….(2 Timothy 4:7)

Tomorrow  –  My Travels  –  A Lesson in Adventure


One thought on “You’re Too Pretty to Smoke

  1. Hi Pat. I am just catching up on your chapters and they give a person things to think about. I realize that there are only four more chapters to go, so I guess that I will have to wait for the book//////// – soon I hope. Take care for now ,love cousin judy.

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