It Happened in an Instant

It is a total tragedy when a simple mistake can lead to an unfinished life. I heard this very sad story on my travels.

Chapter Thirty-Eight  –  It Happened in an Instant

I heard this tragic story while on one of my visits with Lynn and her family in the Channel Islands.

Sebastian’s mother was forty-three years old when she died in a freak accident.

While squeezing over to give way to cyclists on a green lane in the parish of Trinity, Jersey, the side mirror of her silver Citroen scraped a granite wall and fell off.

A green lane is barely wide enough for one vehicle, and the speed limit is fifteen miles per hour.

Dora Cole, a pretty, petite brunette, stopped the Citroen and got out to collect her mirror which lay underneath the car, behind the left front tire. She had stopped on a grade, and failed to engage the hand brake. As Dora reached under the car it began to roll, pinning her underneath, and within seconds her life was ended…..

….let me know how fleeting is my life. (Psalm 39:4)

Tomorrow  –  I’m Still Here  –  A Lesson in Surrendering


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