Is Anyone Listening?

Yesterday I posted a blog about a friend of mine who is dying of cancer. I described her plight and asked for prayer. Guess what? The blog received 0 comments and 0 likes….with two exceptions; one via email from a friend who said this:

WOW, that was powerful! I found this blog especially
poignant…….You have really missed your calling! I get far more
out of your blogs than going to church and listening to a sometimes
boring sermon. You have really had a positive influence on my life.
So, maybe you should continue on with what you are doing and get the
word out there to people like me. I am serious about this! Keep up
the good work.
Your forever grateful friend….Sandy F.

And this from a friend on Facebook: My prayers were given…God bless her! Gail J.

For them, I will continue blogging.

Other than that….Nothing. Zero. Zilch.

So I’m wondering…what are we doing with all these messages coming our way? Reading them and saying…”Oh, that’s nice” or “What a load of crap!” OR thinking, “that’s not my problem, I have other things to write about.” Is anything getting through to us?

That ZERO day almost caused me to give up on my goal of one hundred blogs in one hundred days. But thank God, Jesus did not give up on me because he was too busy doing other things or thinking of other people, or attending His own agenda. So I won’t give up either.

King Solomon said in Proverbs 1: 5–let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance–

My friend is still dying of cancer, and I am still asking for prayers–please and thank you–is anyone listening?





9 thoughts on “Is Anyone Listening?

  1. On vacation with my family and praying for your friend. Do not give up. You are a wonderful friend to be asking for prayers for someone else. God Bless you.
    Katie. 💜

  2. I’ve been out of sorts lately and this weekend my husband and I had some very rare, time together without children. We spent a lot of the weekend talking about ways to best deal with all the changes my health has incurred on the family. (My words, not his.) Anyway, I tried not be on my iPod so much since we don’t get that kind of time very often. This morning while trying to go through the emails from the past several days, I saw the title to this post. I try to to read everyone’s posts as they come through, but sometimes it’s hard for me to do and I hate that because I’m really sorry I missed anyone’s request for prayer as soon as it was available, but especially from you. I’m going to be trying to catch up on things as my health allows today, but know that I will be praying for your friend for the strength and peace that only God can provide. As you know, I watched my mother die from cancer, so I know all to well the battle that not only your friend is facing but the pain her family and her friends are dealing with too. So please know I will be praying for you as well dear. Also, never give up on what God has called you to do. (Your writing) I feel too, at times, that no one is reading but we write for the chance to touch at least one person if possible. I know you have touched me and I believe there are many others too, even if the responses do not always show it. Much love to you.

    • Thank you very much, Laurie,your prayers and understanding mean a lot. I always know when you’re not on the page, that something is going on in your life. It’s great to see you back. Hugs!

  3. I know this frustration too. Still, I believe many people don’t respond because they don’t feel close to the situation, or they have their own problems to deal with. Yet there are a number of people who do care and will pray, they just have to see the post and be moved to action.

    I have a friend who was due for a colon cancer surgery yesterday. She has had several prayers from our church and a response from you for her surgery. I thank you for that. The Lord will work in the lives of both our friends as He wills. I pray now that both will be completely healed from their illnesses if it is His will.


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