A Prayer for the Depressed

Dear God, there are those among us whose life is a struggle each day due to the darkness of depression. We know that this malady can be caused by an imbalance in brain chemistry and the hormone, serotonin. We know it can be triggered by life’s problems; by some medications or by dementia-causing diseases. Through no fault of their own, many people slip into the abyss of depression, and can’t find their way out. Be their guiding light, Lord. Lead them into the paths of those who can help them in their struggle. Give their lives meaning, and where there is darkness let there be light. Give those of us who are free from this battle, the compassion and the wisdom to be the channel for your healing love. Amen.

4 thoughts on “A Prayer for the Depressed

  1. On the day that you posted this, Pat, I flew out to Barbados. Lucky thing, most people might say. However I came home yesterday and I am very tired and sad. My main reason for going was to see my niece who has had to be put into a home because of Alzheimer’s and alcoholism. Her mother, my sister, is also an alcoholic. Perhaps that is hereditary but I want to talk about is being bipolar. I had a brother who was, looking back, was definitely bi-polar. I have a nephew who has been diagnosed as such and I suspect that I have a great niece who is bi-polar but has not been officially diagnosed. I have three friends who have and they are doing well once they let the doctors find the correct medication. I am what is called “flash bipolar”. I say that God has given me it so that I can understand what it is like to be depressed. It is hell but I used to be able to say,”I will feel better tomorrow.”I am blessed in that. I am now on medication which levels out my moods so that if life is going along smoothly, I can’t tell if I am having an “up” or a “down” day. Thank the Lord for good doctors.To anyone who tells you they are sometimes very up and sometimes very down, please tell them to look for medical advice. Nowadays they can help. Christine – that person you know who is always cheerful!

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