A Time to Heal

A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up (Ecclesiastes 3:3)

King Solomon, in his wisdom, knew what he was talking about in this verse. I, on the other hand can only guess at what he meant and/or what it would mean in today’s world; but this is the way I see it:

A time to kill could mean capital punishment, war, or even the killing of fish, fowl and animals for food.

A time to heal could mean healing after a lengthy illness, a period of grieving or a spiritual lapse.

A time to break down could mean demolishing unsafe buildings or dividing walls; i.e. the Berlin wall (1989)

A time to build up could mean rebuilding after demolition, destruction and/or disasters.

My grandmother killed chickens to feed her family.

My body was healed of lung cancer.

And then there was 9/11.

We have all witnessed the building up of devastated communities after natural disasters in many parts of our world.

The way I see it, A Time for Everything is not only Biblical verse, it is a way of life.

Tomorrow: A Time to Weep

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