God’s Social Club

Sometimes I wonder where my next blog will come from because they are mostly spontaneous rather than planned.

I spoke to someone yesterday who referred to church as a social club. It caused me to ponder the statement, which is how I came up with today’s title.

In a way this person was correct. To begin with, each man, woman and child is warmly welcomed as they enter the building. Next they find a comfortable (or not so) place to sit and pass pleasantries with the person next to them in the pew.

After the final formality of the worship service is completed in orderly fashion, the pastor is praised (or not) as we, the congregation, file out to gather for tea, coffee, goodies and socializing in the meeting hall.

As people catch up on each other’s lives since the previous week, stories are exchanged, jokes are shared, hugs are plentiful (a boon to those who live alone) and parting words are usually a cheerful “See you next Sunday, if not before.”

I’m very happy to belong to God’s social club where we come together for praise and worship, tea and coffee, and a chance to pass the raisin bread.




4 thoughts on “God’s Social Club

  1. It may have an element mixed in which is much like a social club. But the better word in my mind is fellowship. We should be happy to meet with and share our lives with people of like-minded faith. They are the ones we hope to share an eternity with in heaven.

    But we must not forget the main reason for gathering is to worship God. The social element is nice, (much of the time), but not the main reason we show up on a Sunday. I do understand what you are getting at though, Patricia…Steve

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