A Person of Interest

Here’s part of a piece that was tucked away in one of my spiritual notebooks. It was written in the Toronto Star, April 16, 2000 by Reverend Deborah Vaughan. It was an Easter article that year.

“Every time we let something go, something new and wonderful can fill our empty, waiting hands. Life is full of little deaths, denials, griefs. Every beginning marks the end of what has gone before. This is the cycle of life. No beginnings without ends. No ends without new beginnings following after. “Rejoice, all is not lost. Something better, something you cannot imagine is coming to you.” (Angels at the Tomb)

I found this little blurb about Rev. Vaughan on the Internet:

Deborah is now the Presiding Bishop of the Community Catholic Church of Canada (Old Catholic). Deb is a graduate of Trinity College and has a degree in Journalism from Ryerson. An Anglican priest for almost 20 years, she has enjoyed ministry in diverse congregational settings.

I’m so happy to have found out about this lady and her writing…she really is a person of interest.

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