A Critique of Sorts

When day twelve of this twenty day inspiration assignment arrived with its challenge to critique any piece of work, I wondered what on earth I was going to write about; and then on Sunday, a member of our church choir sang a solo. I’m not going to critique him, but the hymn, although I was quite moved by Ed’s beautiful rendition of “Because He Lives”.

It is another one of those hymns whose words implant themselves into our psyche (if we are so inclined) and are there to inspire, uplift, encourage, and increase our awareness of just how much it means to have the most famous man who ever lived, live today in the hearts and minds of those who answered His call. The song was written by Bill and Gloria Gaither. I hope this hymn does for many what it has done for me over the years…let me face many uncertain tomorrows because He lives.

Click on the title to hear this beautiful, uplifting hymn.

Because He lives I can face tomorrow – YouTube

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