Lost and Found

Here’s a true story I heard on the news in 2008, and noted in one of my journals because I love coincidences.

A lady found an engraved school ring in her back yard. She had no idea how long it had been there but tried to find the person whose name was on the ring, with no luck. She put the ring away in a drawer but kept the name in mind.

One day at her job as a store cashier, she noticed the same name on a gentleman’s credit card as he paid for his  purchases. When she asked him if that was his name and did he lose a school ring, he was flabbergasted that she had found it. So much time had lapsed that the ring no longer fit his ring finger but his pinkie. The lady was so excited she said that God had sent this man to her cash register.

I remember thanking God for a “good news” story for a change.

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