Someone’s Special Birthday

Someone, somewhere, is turning eighty today. This post is to celebrate you…or someone you know!


Today, dear Lord, I’m 80 and there’s so much I haven’t done, I hope and pray you’ll let me live until I’m 81.

But then, if I haven’t finished all that I want to do, would you let me stay a little while, until I’m 82?

So many places I want to go, so very much to see; do you think you could manage to let me make 83?

The world is changing very fast, there is so much in store, I’d like it very much if I could live to 84.

And if by then it happens that I am still alive, I’d really like to stay around until I’m 85.

There’ll be more planes up in the air, and more problems to be fixed, so I’d like to be around to see it all when I am 86.

I know, dear Lord, it’s much to ask (for it must be nice in heaven), but I’d really like to stay right here until I’m 87.

I know by then I won’t be fast, and sometimes I’ll be late, but it would be so pleasant to be around at 88.

I will have seen so many things and had a wonderful time, so, I’m willing to wait to leave this world at the age of 89. (maybe).

Just one more thing I’d like to say; dear Lord, I thank you kindly, but if it’s okay with you, I’d love to live past 90.










Home Away from Home

Just as Planet Earth is my home away from Home, so church is my home away from home. I love being there, learning there, and worshiping there and even a picture like today’s can make me feel at home. Happy Sunday.

Sunday Blessings Grace And Peace:


Unanswered Questions

If you hadn’t just recently taken the stairway to heaven I would ask you (over tea at your house) how you became such an interesting conversationalist. You were never at a loss for topics and when you discussed people, nothing was ever gossip, just good informational facts.

I would ask you how you developed your knack for making people feel so comfortable upon first meeting them.

I would ask where you found the patience to knit and crochet all the thousands of things you created over the years; and how fundraising became such an integral part of your talents.

I would ask what was your secret for growing such beautiful orchids and roses, to the delight of neighbors and friends..

There are so many questions left unanswered now that you are no longer here; questions that only you know the answers to.

But since you did recently take the stairway to heaven, Norean, I really have to ask, “What is it like there?” That is really the most unanswered question.



I’m not sure where I heard or read the following, or whether or not it was meant to be humorous. What do you think?

This is about a middle-aged woman who wants a new improved self.  Unfortunately, she ends up injured in a car accident and is rushed to hospital. As she floats in and out of consciousness, she begs God to keep her alive. God tells her not to worry and promises her a long, long life.

While she is in hospital recovering from her broken bones, she figures she might as well get a few other things done. She opts for a tummy tuck, a breast augmentation, has her eyes lifted and her nose reduced. She looks and feels like a new woman and can’t wait to show the world.

She has just left hospital for home when a bus rounds the corner, slams into her and kills her. When she gets to heaven she’s furious and tells God, “You said I was going to live a long life. What happened?”

God studies her face and says, “I didn’t recognize you!”


What Do We Have to Lose?

“Heaven Is So Real”. That’s the name of a book I couldn’t quite finish reading because most of the content left me wondering what is real and what isn’t. However, the author, Choo Thomas, did describe Heaven and Hell in some detail and how attainment of each is realized, which also had me wondering how many people have ever given these two places any thought at all.

Christianity makes up one-third of the world’s population. This religion teaches that the only way to Heaven, God’s abode, is to believe in Jesus, His Son…that he was born to save us, that he died to save us, and that he lives to save us from going to Hell. I believe. I believe I am not going to Heaven because I am a good person, do good deeds, live a good life, do not hurt anyone…I know that none of these things will get me into Heaven…only my belief in Jesus will get me there.

So far no one can “prove” that Heaven or Hell exists. However, after reading many descriptions of what Hell is presumed to be like, I am certainly glad I’m a believer.

It has been said that it is better to believe that God exists and to die and find out he doesn’t, than to not believe in him and die and find out that he does. In my opinion, that’s where Hell awaits.

Weighing the options; learning about the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6) and choosing to believe, seems to me the best way to stay out of the “hot seat”.

What do we have to lose?

When Pigs Fly

My best friend had a penchant for pigs. She collected replicas of these kind of cutesy animals by the dozens. It became a challenge to find a pig that Tanya did not have, or to find a birthday card with a pig picture and words that were particularly piggish. It was always fun to find a new pig for my friend’s collection. I once found a singing pig which belted out “My Girl” when it’s belly button was pushed. I can still hear her laughter when she played it for the first time.

Tanya did love her pigs, and yesterday I came across something on Facebook that made me smile my face off when I saw it. I’m posting it here in memory of my dear friend who moved to heaven in 2008. I still miss her very much and it gives me joy to send this flying pig to tell her so.

She bit me!

Having just concluded a conversation with a congregation member whose husband had recently been diagnosed with Lewy Body Disease, I happened upon a blog relating to LBD. Because of the timing, circumstances, and potentional helpfulness of the post, I am reblogging it here.

Lewy, Momma, and Me

Okay, so the title makes it sound all dramatic.  I was simply trying to get Momma’s teeth out for the night and she bit down.  Kind of hard.  I jumped and yelped and then Momma proceeded to apologize profusely. For a split second I could see the Momma of my childhood.  The one who had total concern for her children’s health and well being.  The one who would not purposely hurt me and was horrified to think she may have.  The one who made everything better when you were having a rough time.

Not the one who stares at you glassy eyed.  Not the one who had tremors so bad last night we almost thought she was having a seizure.  Not the one who answers most questions with a “yes.. no.. ”  after a few minutes. Not the one I have to change as she moans “oh no, oh no”…

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The Fallen Angel

Well, I wasn’t too pleased when the “fallen angel” showed up on my iPad today. His number is 666 (Revelation 13:18) Most of us are aware of this “angel” who was cast to earth when a war took place in heaven between Michael and his angels and Satan and his. (Revelation 12:7-9)

Now, whenever this number shows up in my space, I am very aware that another angel must appear to counteract the negativity it implies. Sure enough just as I was referencing this fallen angel, 4:44 appeared on my iPad clock. TYG! (444 is my “angel-in-chief”).

You may be wondering how these numbers appear to me. Let me explain. Today I read this on my screen: Yesterday it was this message: Akismet protected spams 90,999. This was why I wrote about Ned, which if you read that post yesterday explains 444.

All in all this is why I have fun with my angels and their numbers. Have you “talked” to your angels yet?




God’s Chain Gang

I belong to a chain gang.

It’s called The Prayer Chain, and our headquarters is St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Scarborough. (The link to St. A’s can be found on my home page.)

Our gang consists of twenty-two members, each at the ready to man the phones when a prayer request comes through.

I like to think of us as The Prayer Warriors.

Our prayers are not restricted to church members, but are available to any and all in need of prayer.

I’m sure many churches around the world have prayer chains and for those who don’t, why not start your own chain gang? Membership is free and the chain is linked to heaven.