Minding God’s Own Business

There are times we walk around looking at the ground, totally unaware of what’s going on around us. There are also times when what’s going on around us makes us think we should just mind our own business, and not get involved in whatever the occurrence might be. And then there are times when getting involved is just the right thing to do.

Chapter Thirty-One  –  Minding God’s Own Business

I visited Jerry daily in hospital when he was admitted on July 31, 2004, with Parkinson’s disease, and the onset of Alzheimer’s. As I wheeled him to the TV room one evening after dinner, I noticed an old gentleman in a geri-chair in the hallway. He was very agitated, and trying desperately to climb out of the chair. It had a high back, widening wing-like at the top. A wrap-around tray prevented him from getting out. His son tried to spoon-feed him but he refused to eat, shouting that he wanted to go home. Normally, I would have passed by, minding my own business, but I was drawn to these two. I stopped and told the younger man that Jerry had recently gone through that phase, and assured him it does get better. I then spoke to his father.

“Hi there. How are you tonight?”

“You look pretty good,” he said, forgetting his agitation for the moment.

“You look pretty good yourself,” I answered, “and I love your chair. It looks like it has wings.”

“Yes, and I’ll fly away.” he said…….

“I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 28:40)

Tomorrow  –  The Final Breath  –  A Lesson in Dying

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