Writing Through the Rage

When stress is mismanaged it can be a catalyst for disease, disfunction and depression. There were times when I didn’t handle stress too well and it did take its toll on my health.

Chapter Thirty  –  Writing Through the Rage

I felt a wave of nausea in the pit of my stomach, and realized just how stressed I really was. I wished I could admit myself to a hospital, get a private room, and cry until there wasn’t a tear left in my body. I must write through this, I thought frantically, knowing how close I was to losing it altogether. I drove to a nearby mall, bought a notebook and pen, and sat down with the hot chocolate and tea biscuit.

As I began to write, I noticed the people strolling the mall. An elderly couple walked hand in hand, arms entwined, accentuating their togetherness. It touched my heart. Jerry hardly knew who I was anymore. A teenage boy and girl jostled each other affectionately. Their easy banter reminded me of the many times we had laughed and joked together in the comfort of our relationship. A little boy, about two years old, gave me a twinkling smile as he toddled past, his mother close behind. Jerry and I had raised separate families, but enjoyed the thrill of watching our many grandchildren meld into our lives over the years. Three times I smiled at what I saw, and that was good. I realized in that moment that I always managed to smile through my tears and heartache that was God……

The Lord is my shepherd…he restores my soul. (Psalm 23:1,3)

Tomorrow  –  Minding God’s Own Business  –  A Lesson in Service

3 thoughts on “Writing Through the Rage

  1. This is beautiful! I’ve done something similar to this, many times. When I’m really upset with any emotion, I’m a recluse so I can’t imagine sitting in the mall (Although, that must be wonderful therapy. You may have just given me a new challenge😉). But when my emotions are intense, I will find a quiet spot and start writing, literally spilling out every feeling I have onto paper. Then as I’m ending it, I finish with scripture that reminds of how everything will be ok and the many promises God has for us. By the time I’m done, I feel spent, but usually, no longer upset. I REALLY can’t wait to read your book. 😊

  2. Sometimes in the most ravenous rage, we find calm in the most unusual places. I believe this can be our Lord working with us. Good post Patricia…


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